Aventurine Engineering, Inc., designs and produces software used by cost estimators in the minerals industry. Aventurine's Chief Engineer, Mr. Scott Stebbins, has developed computer programs designed to estimate the costs associated with underground, surface, and placer mines and has recently released a program specifically for estimating the costs of reclaiming mine sites. Ultimately, Aventurine plans to offer a complete suite of software packages designed to estimate the costs, identify the risks, and quantify the economic potentials of a variety of accepted mining, mineral processing, and reclamation procedures. In addition to software products, Aventurine offers consulting services in the areas of mine cost analysis and mineral property evaluation. These services are utilized by clients both in private industry and in branches of the United States government, specifically the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, and Justice. Mr. Stebbins has performed economic evaluations for the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, and the National Parks Service, and has been called upon to serve as an expert witness on the subject of property evaluation by the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, he has worked to quantify the economic potential for a host of privately held mineral properties covering a wide variety of commodity types, from basalt to platinum/palladium and (almost) everything in between.

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