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Consulting Services

In addition to software products, Aventurine offers consulting services in the area of mine cost evaluation. These services are utilized by various clients both in private industry and in branches of the United States government, specifically the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, and Justice. Mr. Scott Stebbins, our chief engineer, has performed a host of economic evaluations as part of Validity and Mineral Patent Examinations for the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Parks Service, as well as for those who hold claims on public lands. He has been called upon to serve as an expert witness on the subject of property evaluation by the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Parks Service, and by individual claimants.

Aventurine specializes in estimating the costs and evaluating the economics of almost all of the phases of a mineral resource development project, including those associated with exploration, development, mining, mineral processing, infrastructure, buildings and facilities, tailings treatment and disposal, and reclamation.

While we do produce the Sherpa line of cost-estimation software, we also can and do construct interactive, spreadsheet-based cost models for all aspects of mineral development projects. These models, in addition to being easy to use, allow engineers and evaluators to quickly analyze a multitude of development scenarios and to isolate those elements of their operations for which cost savings are possible.

Our models emulate actual operations in that they reflect specific equipment fleet, labor, and supply consumption requirements. With our models, you'll know how many machines you need, as well as know the size of each. You'll know how many workers are required, both salaried and hourly, and you'll have a complete tally of supply consumption.

In the models, these requirements are based on calculations and parameters that all engineers are familiar with, such as haul distances and gradients (and subsequent cycle times), ore and waste powder factors (and the resulting drilling requirements and blasting supply consumption rates), and rock densities, swell factors, and strengths (and the ensuing machine capacity and productivity values, as well as the rock support needs).

If you feel that our consulting services would benefit your project, please contact us at: AventSherp@aol.com

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